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How is it to change a fitness club management system?

Asia Balicka, 20 Okt 2021 / 2 Reading time - min reading

Finding a reliable management system that meets all the needs of your club is not an easy task. We know it. The first choice may not always be the right one. Luckily, you can always change your mind. Therefore,

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Mobile application in the fitness club. What are the advantages for club members?

Asia Balicka, 12 Okt 2021 / 4 Reading time - min reading

Contact with club members and availability are topics that you certainly work on frequently as a fitness club manager. How to make communication even more efficient and the club always within easy reach?

It is quite simple!

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News in the mobile application

Asia Balicka, 1 Okt 2021 / < 1 Reading time - min reading

We are excited to announce that we have just made changes and additional features to the eFitness App. We are glad that more and more clubs, and thus club members, use the capabilities of our application. Read on and find out what changes we have prepared for you.

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News in eFitness! Easier and faster work with Club member's profile

Konstancja, 21 Sep 2021 / 2 Reading time - min reading

There is more news in the eFitness system! In September, a new Club entry page and Club member’s profile will appear in the system!

Club members – the life of your club goes on around them.

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Discover the benefits of logging into the eFitness app via a Mobile App Profile (MAP)

Asia Balicka,
21 Apr 2023

LIVE CHAT in the eFitness system

Asia Balicka,
8 Jun 2022

Let's meet at Eu4ya by tiguar on June 4-5 in Łódź

Asia Balicka,
8 Jun 2022